Nothing like a good video book trailer…

Take a sneak peek into the world of the Pretty Smart Girls and watch the video book trailers for for the debut Pretty Smart Girls-Lace Up and book II, Fearless.


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Welcome Friends!

I have to start with a huge “thank you” to my husband, family and friends who have supported me in my journey to authorship. My debut novel, “Pretty Smart Girls – Lace Up” was acquired by Entangled Publishing and officially launched January 26, 2015. Since I’m proud to say I’ve written two more  – Fearless which debuted in May 2015, and now my newest release Rush, May 2016.

Do you know what defines the romance genre? According to the publishing industry, a manuscript is classified “romance” if there’s a central love story that resolves itself in an emotionally satisfying and optimistic way. Ok, seriously now. What could be better than that? That’s exactly how I want everyday of my life to begin and end. With that mantra, an English degree and a passion for historical settings, the prospect of writing romance novels has always appealed to me. I launched my website with a blog I wrote about how my journey started. Click on Fishnets, Plaid Skirts and F-Bombs to read more.

A big thanks to you as well for visiting my website.

Shae Ross