My Top 5 binge-worthy TV series (That your husband will love too!)

My Top 5 binge-worthy TV series (That your husband will love too!)

My husband, Mark and I both work hard during the day. Mark runs our title insurance and real estate businesses, managing a staff of over 100 employees. I write for three to five hours, spend an hour or two responding to business e-mails, and manage our son’s after-school schedule. When the evening arrives, we’re both ready for some down time.

After our thirteen-year old son is tucked in bed, we descend to the basement, bourbon and wine in hand. We settle in to the old sectional couch that we’ve had since we got married, and fire up the big screen.

The most challenging part of our ritual is always finding a TV series that we both agree on. I love anything with a historical setting, interesting characters and of course, romance. I haven’t quite pinned down Mark’s preferred genre, but I know it includes ESPN broadcasters, things that explode and nudity.

So what TV series have we found that we both love? Here’s our list so far:

  • TURN, Washington’s Spies, AMC. Have you seen this? We’re into season three now. The plot twists and characters are amazing. Who knew George Washington was so hot?
  • GAME OF THRONES, HBO. This was the first series we began watching together.
  • SONS OF ANARCHY, FX. Jax Teller. That’s all you need to know about that one.
  • MASTERS OF SEX, Showtime. Set in the fifties, this period drama is loosely based on the research pioneers of human sexuality, Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson.
  • PEAKY BLINDERS, BBC. Set in England in the aftermath of WWI, the series follows an Irish gangster family who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps. The family boss, Tommy Shelby is one of those bad boys who is so easy to forgive.

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